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Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is C & my 8th wedding anniversary.  It seems like only yesterday that we looked like this:



This was taken in my grandmother’s back yard after our wedding.  We had a small, private wedding, but it was beautiful.  My mom made my wedding gown and arranged the flowers in the church.  I wanted us to make my bouquet, too, but we were too nervous that there wouldn’t be enough flowers in bloom at the time. 

I can’t believe that 8 years have passed this fast.  We have been through a lot of wonderful, fun times and also had to deal with some bad as well.  Through it all, C has been the best.  He brings out the best in me, and when my best is not showing, he has amazing patience as well.  Thanks for the past years, and I hope we have many, many, many more to come!  Love you!

To show how special he is, I will tell you what he did Friday.  I was having a bad day on Friday.  I just didn’t feel good and it seemed like everything I tried to accomplish just turned out wrong!  I got home and was venting to C about the experiences I had just trying to get from our little town to home.  He told me I needed to just lay down and take a break.  When I walked into the bedroom, there was 6 roses in a vase on my bedside table.  I almost cried, I was so happy and surprised.  He told me to go change clothes and I went in the closet and there were 6 more roses in a plastic cup.  He couldn’t find my big vase, so he made do with what he could find!  It was the sweetest thing ever!  Here are my beautiful roses all together in a big vase.



We also did a little weeding in the garden on Friday evening.  Our cucumbers are growing like crazy.  We found these while we were working.


Yum!  It won’t be long until we have enough for that cucumber salad that I have been promising!  Check back soon!

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