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My dad is really talented when it comes to working with wood.  Because of his health, he doesn’t get to do things very often, but every once in a while he will make something.  The bluebird houses that he made many years ago for my mom and Nanny were very tired, so he made a few new ones.  While he was making theirs, he made one for C & myself.

Birdhouse Closeup

The ones he built several years ago had a lift-up roof to make it easier to clean out the old nesting material before the bluebirds nested again.  The only downside to this was wind.  If there was a strong wind, and that is pretty common around here, the roof would lift open and damage the hinge.  Eventually the hinge would give and the roof would come off completely.  Dad came up with a new design that is pretty ingenious!  Take a look…

Birdhouse 1Birdhouse2   Birdhouse 3 Birdhouse 4

As you can see, the front “porch” lifts off and the front “door” swings up for easy clean-out, so there is no danger of wind damage!  Our house is new, so we don’t have family in it yet, but we have plenty of bluebirds here so hopefully it won’t be long before we have some tenants!  Thanks, Dad!

Also, in other exciting news, we have green strawberries!  Yay!  I know, I shouldn’t be this excited over GREEN strawberries, but that means that RED strawberries can’t be far off, and that is always good news.  We also dined on the first 2 little cucumbers from our garden yesterday at lunch.  They tasted great and we can’t wait for more.


I hope this is a good week for everyone!

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