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Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls

My workplace likes to eat!  We will find just about any excuse for potluck lunches, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, The Kentucky Derby.  You name the holiday and we have had potluck at one time or another.  This recipe was given to me back in 1996 by a lady that worked in another office.  She has since retired, but someone always tries to bring these in her place.

These rolls are full of hot cheesy goodness!  I like to serve them with a pasta salad on the side.  Talk about carb overload.

1 container of flat dinner rolls

1 cup shredded cheese

1 pkg sliced sandwich ham

1 stick butter

1 tsp dried onion flakes

1 1/2 tsp dried mustard

1/2 tsp worcestshire sauce

1 tbsp poppy seeds (These are optional.  I usually don’t add them.)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  If the rolls you buy come in their own foil pan use that.  If not, use a 13×9” baking dish and spray the bottom with a little non-stick spray.  Slice rolls in half in book form.


Place 2 layers of ham and a layer of cheese on the bottom half of the rolls.  Replace top layer of the rolls and slice through ham and cheese to form small sandwiches.

 DSC09206 DSC09208

Melt butter.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine.  Pour over the rolls.  Bake for 20-25 minutes.  I cover the pan with aluminum foil to keep the tops of the rolls from overcooking.  Reslice the rolls after baking and enjoy!!

 DSC09210 DSC09212  DSC09215 DSC09218

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