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Smoky Mountain Trip Part IV

On Saturday afternoon, we arrive back in Bluegrass land!  How about that fence?  It’s supposed to keep falling rock from smashing cars on the interstate.  Sure hope it works!

 sm0399 sm0401



We are on our way home when we decide to take a side trip.  Sometimes it is easy to forget what is available in your own state.  Both C & I had been to Cumberland Falls when we were children, but had never gone back.  Since it was just off the interstate a few miles on our way home, we wanted to see it again.  It is just as beautiful now as it was then!

It is state park inside of a national forest so the drive is a curvy, tree-lined lane.

 sm0405 sm0408

I have to confess that when we first parked we didn’t read the sign very close and walked the wrong way to the overlooks.  We ended up thinking that we must be in the wrong area and drove around some more.  When we looped back around to this area and actually read the sign, we felt a little silly!  Oh, well.  We had a good laugh out of it.  Enjoy the view!

sm0411sm0415  sm0412 sm0413

We took a couple of self-portraits in front of the falls.

 sm0414 sm0416

We hope you enjoyed your virtual trip because we really enjoyed the real thing!

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