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Go Big Blue!

Until this fall, I had never attended a college football game.  There had been hundreds that I had watched on television, but never in person.  Now I can say that I have been to 3, count ‘em, 3 football games!

In September, C & I went to watch his alma-mater, Western Kentucky University, play.  We had a great time and knew we wanted to see more.  A couple of weeks ago the opportunity arose for us to go to Lexington and watch the University of Kentucky Wildcats play!  What a treat this was!  My whole family are life-long Big Blue fans and we have been to a few basketball games, but this would be the first gridiron appearance for us.   C & I got there about 2 hours before the game started and had an opportunity to look around the tailgating areas and the stadium.  Believe me, these people are serious about their tailgating!



The university honors the military at a game every year and this was the day for that.  Several soldiers from Fort Knox were in the stands to watch the game.  Before the game started, 3 jumpers from the Silver Wings Paratrooper group flew down to the field.  It was an amazing sight!  They have to have nerves of steel to be able to do that.  One of them had over 800 jumps!




UK played great and beat University of Louisiana-Monroe 36-13.


We got to go back to see UK play again this past Saturday thanks to my boss.  He has season tickets and couldn’t go, so he offered them to me.  I jumped on the chance!  UK was playing Eastern Kentucky University which is located just a short distance away from Lexington in Richmond.  UK won this game, too, with a final score of 37-12.  This was a day game and it was a beautiful sunshine filled afternoon.


The cheerleaders kept the fans in the game and both schools’ bands performed at half-time.





These games have been SO much fun!  Now, we are ready for basketball tickets!!!

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