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Menu Plan Monday

A week doesn’t seem like a long period of time, but a lot of change can happen in a week.  I wrote about losing our precious border collie a couple of weeks ago and we didn’t know if or when we would get another dog.  C & I both love dogs, but losing Patches hurt so much we weren’t sure if we wanted to go through that again.  Sometimes fate intervenes and it sure did this time.

A young lady that C works with had to move and could not take her dog with her.  She had rescued “Ellie”, a two year old Siberian Husky, and didn’t want to have to take her back to a shelter again.  C found out last Thursday about the dog, we got her on Friday, and she is now a permanent fixture in our home.  Meet Ellie…

DSC01126 DSC01131

She LOVES long walks, even at 5:00am!  The only trouble we have had has been with Mama Cat.  She does not appreciate this new addition at all, especially since Ellie is inside and Mama C is not!

Anyway, below is my menu plan for the week.  Hopefully, we will have a wonderful first week with Ellie in our lives.

Grilled pork chops with roasted potatoes & salad

Sausage bake

Grilled steaks and potato wedges with salad

Pizza night

Chess Squares

Also, I thought I would share a view of the Little Barren River that flows past the farm we live on.  Check out my new header photo!

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