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Menu Plan Monday

Good morning to everyone on this beautiful Monday!  Yes, I know, I am a little too chipper today.  Why, do you ask?   I am on VACATION this week!!  Yay!!!  I guess I should say a staycation because I will be spending most of it in my own little piece of the world.  There is a big shopping day planned later in the week, but before that happens several closets need to be cleaned out and a lot of housecleaning done, but you know what?  I am actually looking forward to getting those things done and having a little de-cluttering party. 

This week’s menu contains a few good meals and a few easy ones as well.  Next Saturday, our church is having their annual chili supper/hay ride and we plan on attending so one of the meals will definitely be chili.  I also plan on taking a quick and easy caramel cake to that, too, but the recipe will be even easier than the first time since I will be using a yellow cake mix instead of making it from scratch.  I’m lazy, ok? The pineapple pork roast is back on this week’s menu since I decided to make the shredded pork bbq instead.

Pineapple pork roast with butter roasted potatoes

Sausage bake with fruit

Grilled hot dogs and chips

Baked ham slices with roasted potatoes and salad


Quick-and-easy caramel cake

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