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Menu Plan Monday

Good morning, fearless readers!  It is the start of another white and cold week here in South Central Kentucky, and we are expecting some more snow today and tomorrow and cold temperatures all week long.   I know we shouldn’t wish time away, but I am missing some green grass and warm weather around here.

Recently, I have started planning springtime projects (at least in my mind) and I can’t wait to start on them!  I see another raised garden bed and maybe a paver sidewalk or two as well in my future.  Before the sidewalks can happen, C & I will have to extend a couple of gutter drain lines so that will probably be one of the first things we do.

Speaking of projects… since August, I have been trying to finish our upstairs.  I decided since we had lived in our house for four years that it was high time to give those rooms some personality.  When we built, we just used “builder’s beige” because it was easy at the time. Actually, it was Sherwin Williams “aesthetic white”, which I really loved since I used it in our living room, entry and kitchen.  I decided the upstairs was the perfect place for some needed color punch.  One bedroom is now purple, one is grass green, and the bathroom is a cucumber green.  I promise before and after photos when I have the furniture in the rooms.

Speaking of furniture, we already had an antique cherry bedroom suite that I used in the green room, but I wanted a metal bed painted silver in the purple room.  I don’t know if you have priced metal bed-frames or not, but they are not cheap!!  Lucky for me, C’s mom had an old metal bed-frame in her attic and gave it to me.  I have one great mother-in-law!  I have just started refinishing it and hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks.  Yay!!

As for food, I am trying to keep the sweet stuff to a minimum after the holidays, but it is so hard!  I am still planning on one dessert a week, but I try to spread it around so I don’t indulge too much! 

Leftover Pork BBQ

Sausage Bake

Hamburgers & fried potatoes

Pizza night

Salisbury steaks & roasted potatoes (I know I have made these 2 weeks in a row, but I love them!

Double Chocolate Snowball cookies (new recipe)

I am going to end on a cute note…here is Ellie snoozing on her new doggie bed! 


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