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Thoughtful Thursday

This is the second week for this feature, and I had not really planned on it being a feature, but here goes.  In trying to improve my writing skills, I hope to post a little something every Thursday (or at least most Thursdays) that is about something on my mind.  It may be personal, blog-related, news-related, or just a random thought.

Today is an audience participation day.  I have to admit something first, though.  I have had this blog for almost two years and very few people in my community know about it.  In fact, I can count on one hand the people I have told about my blog.  I am not embarrassed about it…far from it!  I have just always thought that this was my “alter-ego”.  I work in a very public job in a very small town where everybody knows your name, your parents’ names, and your grandparent’s names.  You get my point, and even though I never put anything offensive or embarrassing on here, it has been hard for me to tell people about it.  This space has been a sort of refuge from the real world since it contains only things in which I am interested.

What I want to know is this…when you first started blogging, did you tell your family and friends immediately or did you get your feet wet first?  If you didn’t tell them quickly, how did you let them know about it later?

I have people ask me for recipes fairly often and I have thought about telling them that it is on my blog, but I just can’t get the words out.  Help!

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