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Menu Plan Monday

Another week has passed and it is time for another menu plan.  When I look at my list, I can tell I am still in comfort food mode because of the dreary weather around here.  The snow that started collecting a week or so ago is finally gone, but it has been replaced by clouds and impending rain.  Oh, joy. 

The sun shone on Saturday and I was hopeful for a few days of it, but it was not to be, at least not yet.  Well, January is now half over and that means we are that much closer to springtime and sunshine and green leaves!  Yay!!!

C & I did get a little accomplished on our basement this weekend.  The plumber that we use came Saturday and finished hooking up the shower and installed a drain for a bar sink down there as well.  He is coming back later to install a gas line from our living room fireplace to the outdoors so we can finally get the fireplace working after 5 years!!! Now, we get to start hanging recessed light fixtures and running tv/telephone wires in the basement when we have time.

What basement project?  Oh, that’s right, I have never shared our “big project”.  When we built our house a few years ago, we did not take the time to finish off the basement.  C has a grand plan for a home theater and game room down there, so that is what we are working toward.  I hope to have a small kitchen area and a reading nook as well.  It may be several years before it is completely finished because we are trying to do as much of the work ourselves as possible.

Back to cooking…here is this week’s plan.

Hamburger stew

Cheesy Steak Sandwiches (2 nights)

Cinnamon bun pancakes & sausage

Pizza Night


Double Chocolate Snowball cookies (C requested chocolate chip cookies this past weekend, so I am moving this recipe to next weekend.  Remember, only 1 dessert per week after the holidays. :))

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