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Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday to everyone!  It is back to the grind for me after a week of vacation.  I enjoyed it so much!  C & I spent a few days in Louisville, KY for a work conference for C and then I had a couple of days at home to catch up on chores.  I had gotten so far behind after the car accident, and it is so nice to have a clean house and all of the laundry done for a change.  I even found a little time on Thursday to trim back the Knock-out rose bushes and weed around the front porch.

While I was working outside, I hooked Ellie up outside for the first time.  We bought a 20 foot wire dog lead and I hooked one end around a porch post and hooked the other end to Ellie’s collar.  Since this was the first time that I tried this, I never left her sight.  At first, she did not seem to know what to do.  She knew that I was not holding her, but she was still limited to how far she could go.  Eventually, I think she really liked it and laid down in the sunshine for a quick nap.  She did have her first experience with a lady bug.  There was one crawling on the ground in front of her and she sniffed it.  Then she made the mistake of licking it!!!  You should have seen her face!

Anyway, here is this week’s plan.  I am back to the “clean out the freezer and pantry” stage that I always get to before I go to the grocery, so I will probably have to break down and go one night this week.


Grilled pork chops & roasted potatoes


Grilled steak and fried potatoes

Local seafood restaurant

Grocery night (eat out)


Southern Plate’s lemon bars

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