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Thoughtful Thursday

Well, spring has finally sprung around here and that means it is gardening season!!! YAY!  As some of you know, I have one raised garden bed in the backyard already and I hope to build another this year.  Here is a shot of last year’s garden at the end of May:


I have already purchased quite a bit of the seeds that I will need so there will just be a few things that I will pick up later, like sweet pepper plants and a few herbs.  This year, the seeds came from R.H. Shumway’s because Nanny wanted some tomato seeds that only they carried, so I ordered mine from there, too.

Hopefully in just the next couple of weeks I will get the lettuce and carrot seeds in the ground, then around the first of May, the remaining “crops” will be planted.  Here are the lettuce and carrot varieties that I am trying this year:

 DSC04342 DSC04344 


I also ordered the cucumber seeds and a package of sunflower seeds as well.


My father-in-law raises bees and he went to the “bee store” for supplies a couple of weeks ago and brought me these:


I think I am going to make a small bed around the corner of the fence in the backyard and make that a  “bee garden”.  Hopefully these seeds, along with my sunflower seeds, will draw in bees and birds alike.  I can’t wait to get started!  Happy gardening!

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