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Whew!  What an afternoon!  Thunderstorms hit our area just at going-home time and left quite a sight in their wake.  While I was at work this afternoon, the heavy rain and hail came down.  Thankfully, the hail was small, but there was a lot of it.  It looked like snow in the landscaping at work.  The street in front of the building next door flooded for a short time, and the rain still came down! 

The drive home was not much better.  I ran through at least two more heavy pour-downs with a little bit of hail in those, too.  Just a few minutes ago, I looked out the back door and, behold, a gorgeous double rainbow!


I couldn’t get the whole rainbow in one shot because it was so big and made a complete half circle.




What a sight!

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Check out Eat At Home Cook’s site today for a spotlight on pudding mixes. Yum!!!

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