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Thoughtful Thursday

Our church has recently started a new Sunday school class for our age group and the focus is on building friendships, friendship with God, friendship with Jesus, and friendship with our fellow man.  I have really enjoyed the lessons so far because they have made me stop and think about things that I normally do not. 

Am I a good friend to God and Jesus?  Do I stop and think what They would want me to do in situations as much as I should or do I just plow on through doing my own thing?  I know God and Jesus bore the ultimate sacrifice for me and actually ask very little of me for Their love!

Am I a good friend to C?  To me, marriage should be the ultimate friendship!  C is my best friend and I know I am very blessed to be in a relationship like that.  I happen to work in the office that processes divorce cases so I know how rare they are.  I try to put him first and not give in to my selfish “only child” ways, but it can be hard.  C is much better at that than I am. 

Am I a good friend to my friends?  Do I support them when they need it?  Do I reveal enough of myself so that they know who I really and truly am?  That is something that I have always struggled with…how much to share is too much?  There are things about me that very few people are aware of and I can’t seem to shake the notion that it is better to keep certain things to myself or to an extremely small group.  I hope that, in the long run, that being private was not a bad thing.

Finally, am I a good friend to myself?  You are probably thinking that that is a strange question, but when you stop and think about it, can you love someone else if you don’t love (or even like) yourself?  I think a lot of people struggle with this, especially women.  They get caught up in what is going on around them and forget to take care of themselves. 

Reading these lessons has made me think about these things more and I hope that leads me to better relationships with God, Jesus, and the world around me.

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