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Meal Plan Monday

Good Monday morning to all of you!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a great week!  We are still fighting hot weather here in the Land of the Bluegrass and it looks like there is at least one more week of it.  We were blessed to receive a little rain on Saturday and the plants just soaked it up.  My second generation of cucumber plants are actually doing pretty well since I have tried to be diligent about watering, so hopefully we will have fresh cucumbers well into fall if everything goes well.

The green peppers have LOVED this weather!  There are only 3 plants in my raised bed but they have produced like crazy and are still hanging full.  I have frozen almost a gallon of diced pepper to use this winter and we have also enjoyed a lot of carrots, too.  There is just something so fulfilling to me to be able to go out in my backyard and come back with a bowlful of fresh food to feed my family.  It just tastes better!  If you have a little plot of ground or even room for a few pots, I highly recommend growing a few fresh things.  You will be amazed at the flavor.

I stuck to last week’s menu pretty well except for the dessert.  It is just too hot to bake and I received an awesome birthday present from my in-laws…a countertop ice cream maker with a dairy-free recipe book since I am extremely lactose intolerant. I will have more details with several recipes in just a few days so please check back.

Cheesy Steak Sandwiches & oven fries

Taco Ring (2 nights)

Grilled Hamburgers & oven fries

Pizza Night

Honey Pork Chops (new) with roasted potatoes

Southern Plate’s Yellow Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting (new-I know I have teased you with this one before, but I hope to actually get it made this time.)

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