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I tried to warn you last week that the dairy free ice cream recipes were going to come hot and heavy here for a few weeks.  It is my new favorite thing!  I asked my nanny and dad what ice cream flavor they would like to try and they chose good ol’ vanilla.  This makes a great base for a decadent sauce, like, maybe a homemade blackberry sauce from freshly picked blackberries perhaps? Yes, that is a tease.  Check back next week for some berry goodness.

1 14oz. can full-fat coconut milk

1 1/4 cups soymilk or other nondairy milk

1/2 cup granulated sugar (or agave syrup-I just bought some and will try this, too.  The agave syrup lowers the glycemic index which makes it better for diabetics.)

1.5 tbsp. real vanilla extract (The fake stuff would probably work, but I am a real vanilla snob.  Sorry!)


Place all of the ingredients in a medium bowl and whisk until well combined.  Cover and chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. 

Turn on the ice cream maker and pour the vanilla base into it.  Process for 20 minutes and you will have amazing soft serve vanilla ice cream.  Pour this into a lidded freezer-safe container and let it harden for 2 to 3 hours. 




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