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Up until now, you would not have found many, if any, ice cream recipes on this little blog o’ mine.  Why?  Well, I am extremely lactose-intolerant.  So bad that one little bite of regular ice cream will send my stomach into fits for hours, and that is so NOT FUN!  I can take the medicine that helps, and it does just that, helps, but it does not go away completely. 

All of that is about to change.  You may see a dozen ice cream or frozen treat recipes on here all in a row because of a birthday gift that I received.  My in-laws (God bless ‘em, they are wonderful!) gave me a tabletop ice cream maker along with a recipe book titled “lick it!”, which is full of vegan ice cream recipes.  Now, I am not a vegan, and probably will never be a vegan, but one thing that vegans and I share is a need for food without dairy in them.  This book rocks!

The ice cream maker is a Cuisinart model ICE-21 and it is awesome!  Check it out here for all of the info.  It makes 1.5 gallons at a time in about 20 minutes.  At that point the ice cream is like soft serve which is the way I like it.  If you want it firmer, just put the deliciousness into a freezer-safe lidded container and let it harden for a couple of hours.  That is if you can wait that long!!

So far I have made the chocolate rocky road, vanilla, and orange sherbet recipes from the “lick it!” book, and they are great!  I couldn’t tell that they weren’t the real thing.

If you are lactose-intolerant or vegan or just want to try something a little different, get yourself an ice cream maker and this book.   A little word to the wise, you might want to invest in coconut milk and soymilk stocks.  Just wait, you will understand!

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