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Menu Plan Monday Week 8

We have arrived at the beginning of another week, so it is time for another menu plan.  Do you menu plan and do you find that it helps save time and energy by knowing what you will fix that week?  I know it helps me tremendously!  After working all day, the thought of coming home and having to wrack my brain for something to fix for supper is just a pain.  By planning a week’s worth of dinners, I know I have options. 

I don’t list my meals by the day of the week on here, but on my kitchen calendar I do.  That doesn’t mean I stick with it exactly, but at least I know what I can make and that makes life a lot easier!

Taco Soup (new) with cheesy bread

Grilled hamburgers and oven fries

Sausage bake (2 nights)

Hamburger Stew

Pizza or Eat Out Night

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