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It’s Monday all over again and can you believe that we are almost halfway through February, because I sure can’t.  We have been blessed weather-wise here in South Central Kentucky with fairly warm weather and a few beautiful sunny days.  I feel so sorry for the people in New England.  First Sandy the Hurricane comes barreling through and now a huge snowstorm.  I guess if you live up there you expect the snow, but this much?  It is not for me.  I will keep the wild wacky weather of Kentucky, thank you very much.

This week looks to be another busy one around here.  My dad has minor surgery on Wednesday to remove a few wires that were put in his wrist after his auto accident.  They can now come out so we get to travel to the big city a couple of hours away for that.  Hopefully it is quick and relatively pain-free.  A very close friend of mine is starting to sell Mary Kay cosmetics and she is having an open house on Friday afternoon and I will be stopping by to try a few products and probably purchase a little as well. Don’t worry though…there will still be plenty of kitchen action going on at home.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

Leftover shredded pork bbq with oven fries

Chili and grilled cheese

Cheesy steak sandwiches with oven fries

BLTs with chips and fruit

Sausage bake

Chubby Hubby Truffles (new)

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