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It’s Friday, folks, so it is time for Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  Grab a book, give us the first line or two, and then give us your opinion.  My book today was a free Kindle download called “Second Sight Dating” by Marianne Stephens:

“ ‘I want him, not that other one you just showed me.  Look at this guy,’ Miss “K” rattled on with a pout, a blue-polished fingernail pointing at a picture of Mr. “Thirty-six”.

I am not a big reader of plain old romance novels, so this was just ok for me but I am glad it was free.  No offense to the author, but it really just wasn’t my cup of tea.  The story idea was cute and the book was entertaining enough, but after reading part of the Outlander series, this was a little too simplistic.

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