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Why does it seem like summer is over already?  Oh, that’s right…school starts tomorrow.  Bummer!  C & I don’t have little ones in school, but since C works for the school system, we still feel the back to school stress around here.  I know it will all calm down once we get into the regular routine, but the first few days are hectic.  This is also a extra busy work week for me since we have multiple court days scheduled so both of us will be on the go quite a bit.

That means a week of fairly simple meals so I don’t have to spend all of my evenings in the kitchen.  The taco roast got rescheduled to this week because it got knocked off the list last week, as did the frozen Oreo pie.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week especially school staff, teachers and students headed back to work!

Salsa burgers with oven baked fries

Bubble up enchiladas with salad

Baked ziti

Pineapple pork loin with baked potatoes

Banana pancakes with sausage

Beef taco roast with fries

Frozen Oreo pie

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