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Happy Birthday, C!!

Today is my husband’s birthday!  Happy 35th, my love!


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Thursday Travels

My mom, aunt and grandmother own a small nursery, Sand Hill Farm Garden Center, and their busy season is upon them.  Today, I went with Mom for 2 trips to the wholesale nursery a few counties away.  On the first trip, we saw several things that made me wish that I had brought my camera.  I remembered it on the second trip.  For some reason, cute animals kept appearing today.  On the way, we saw a pony that had such a need for a haircut or at least a curry comb, but he was so cute! I wish I had gotten a really good photo of the pony, but we were on a busy road and I had to shoot while we were moving.  Talk about shooting from the saddle!  At the nursery, their resident feline, Smoke, came for a belly rub. 






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