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Raised Bed Building 101

Ok, Class, today’s lesson is “How to Build A Seriously Strong Raised Garden Bed In Just 5 Hours”.  I wanted a raised bed for strawberry and vegetable plants really, really, REALLY bad!  My extremely patient husband agreed to build one for me with my help.  In my mind, this would be so simple.  Bring up some leftover house-building wood from the basement (untreated, of course).  Cut it into the lengths we would need, screw them together, fill it with dirt, and VOILA, instant garden! 


Of course, I should have know that nothing is every quite as simple as you think it would be.  I rounded up not quite all the tools together near our building site.  I had to make several return trips to the tool closet.


I had used the watering can in a earlier task of moving a couple of hostas.  We got the wood out of the basement.


Patches decided that we had lost our minds and took a nap.  Oh, and right where he is laying is where we are going to put 2 rain barrels.  Right now, they are decorating my dining room. 🙂


We put the basic box together which measured 9’ 11 1/2” long and 5’4” wide.


You know, even if the ground looks fairly level, that doesn’t mean it is.  On one corner we had to put an extra 2×6 to level it out, but that’s ok.  I am going to plant potatoes in the deep end.  I was thrilled with the finished product.  I can just see it…a couple of rows of strawberries, a couple of rows of lettuce & carrots.  Several cucumber plants.  A few sweet pepper plants and maybe some herbs if there is enough room.  Yum!


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