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Ready or not…

According to the weather forecasters, we expected today to be a washout.  Instead, we just had a few showers this morning and this afternoon was beautiful.  Since it wasn’t too wet and C’s dad had some time to spare, we moved dirt!  I now have a full raised bed and lots of dirt around the retaining walls and in front of the garage.  Let the planting begin!!!  I can’t wait to see green things growing in all that beautiful brown.  I hope to plant the garden bed later this week or this weekend.  I have ordered 25 strawberry plants to set out along the back retaining wall as an experiment.  We will landscape the front wall toward the road, but the back will hopefully be full of bright red berries!  By the way, with just the small amount of rain today, our 45 gallon rain barrel was completely full!!!


 DSC05778 DSC05763 DSC05773 DSC05787

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