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A Nice Surprise

Last fall, I purchased a few bags of mixed daffodil bulbs at Lowe’s.  I had a nice surprise the other morning when I learned that one of the mix is a beautiful double yellow daffy.  I’m am going to have to search for the name, but here’s a look at it. 

DSC05174 DSC05145

Yesterday was a busy day around here.  We mowed and weed-whacked for the first time, and the yard looks so good.  C & I are planning on finishing up the front yard landscaping.  We planted 3 trees yesterday, one Granny Smith Apple, one Gala Apple, and one Kwanzan Cherry.  I have grand plans for the rest.  I plan on having 3 double red Knockout Roses in front of the garage, along with 5 Blue Star Junipers, and 2 more Helleri Hollies.  Down our retaining wall, I hope to put 9 Compacta Hollies and 5 yellow Knockout roses.  We also started laying edging around the front porch yesterday.

DSC05169 DSC05163

While we are on vacation this year, C & I are going to attempt to lay a paver path behind the garage to the deck.  If this turns out well and is not totally back-breaking work, we are eventually going to make a paver sidewalk in the front yard from the driveway to the front porch.  We will keep you updated on the progress.  Right now, I think I need to take another Tylenol.  I used muscles yesterday, that I hadn’t used in a LONG time!

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More Birthdays

Today is my Nanny’s birthday and Wednesday is my mom’s.  Happy birthday, y’all!  Today’s dessert is for them.  It is a Chocolate Bundt Cake with Marshmallow Cream Topping.  Yum, yum!! 


You will need…

1 chocolate cake mix of your choice

3.9 oz instant chocolate pudding mix

3 tbsp baking cocoa plus a little for the pan

1 3/4 cup milk

2 eggs

2 cups chocolate chips of your choice

7 oz jar marshmallow cream



Oops, I think I left the marshmallow cream out of the picture.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray a Bundt pan with nonstick spray and dust with cocoa. For chocolate cakes, I try to always dust the pans with cocoa instead of flour, so I don’t end up with white chocolate cakes.


In a large bowl, combine the cake mix, pudding mix, cocoa, milk and eggs.

 DSC05072 DSC05077

Beat on low speed with an electric mixer until moistened, then beat on medium speed for 2 minutes.  There will be a few little lumps left, but that is okay.  Stir in chocolate chips.


Pour into the Bundt pan and bake for 1 hour.  Cool for 10 minutes and remove from pan to cool completely.




For the marshmallow topping, scoop out the marshmallow cream into a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on 50% power for 30 second increments until the cream is pourable.  This should take about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes depending on your microwave.  Pour the marshmallow cream over the cooled cake.  Note:  The next day the cream had run down the sides a little too much.  I don’t think I let the cake cool long enough, but I don’t think it will affect the taste. 😉

 DSC05112 DSC05115 DSC05119 DSC05120 DSC05139

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