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Menu Plan Monday

I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to menu planning and the reason is pure laziness.  Well, starting today, back to the routine.  I don’t know why I let it slide since it makes supper time so much easier to deal with when I know what I am fixing.  This time I hope to stick to it much better, but I will list a few quirks of my menu.  Sunday and Monday are spent eating with family so there won’t be anything on those days except maybe dessert or a side dish.  My menu will be Tuesday through Saturday because of that.  Here goes…

Monday: pecan pie (Strike that-really, really bad recipe.)

Tuesday: cheesy steak sandwiches, homemade baked fries, and sliced homegrown cucumbers

Wednesday: leftover sandwiches, chips, and cucumbers

Thursday: grilled pork chops, grilled potato wedges, and cucumbers

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: grilled hot dogs and chips

I am trying to keep the Saturday meals pretty simple because I have a home improvement project going on that I do on Saturdays.  When we built our house four years ago, we finished our upstairs just enough to pass our appraisal, and I had the inspiration to finish it this summer.  There are two bedrooms, a bath and a hallway to work on.  I have painted one bedroom, the bath, and the hallway already.  This Saturday I hope to do the touch-up painting in those areas and move a bedroom suite from the unpainted bedroom to the painted one.  Wish me luck!  I will have before and after photos when the project is nearer completion.

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