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The Swan Thieves

I love to read!  Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, food packaging…I guess you get the point.  I also love my local library.  My mom was the family historian and spent many hours at the library using their extensive local genealogy section.  While she browsed through rolls and rolls of microfilm, I browsed the children’s book section.  I would take home stacks of books to read and enjoyed every minute of it.  I read my way through the entire Little House on the Prairie series, the entire Nancy Drew series, and entire Anne of Green Gables series, plus others too numerous to mention.

Sometimes I will go looking for a certain book and sometimes a book finds me.  The latter is the case with The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova.  The cover of the book caught my eye and I am very glad that it did.  Painting, really art in general, is something that I do not know much about.  This book opened up that world to me and it was very interesting.  Here is a link to a synopsis of this book:  http://www.shelfari.com/books/5694040/The-Swan-Thieves.

If you like historical fiction (I DO!) and art, I highly recommend this!

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