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Menu Plan Monday

Where does the time go?  This week it has went to work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, and painting.  Whew!  I get tired just thinking about it, but it has been a very productive week for us.  This week looks no different, but hopefully it will be filled with productive and enjoyable days!

Here is this week’s meal plan:

Sausage bake and salad

Italian pot-roasted steaks with roasted potatoes-new recipe

Grilled hot dogs with chips and fruit

Shredded pork bbq sandwiches

Apple Dapple Cake-new recipe

Also, I was looking at my posts list on WordPress and realized that this is my 200th post!  WOW!  That is hard to believe!  I really enjoy doing this and am proud of my little project.  Hopefully, I have improved in my writing and content in the last year and a half and I hope to keep growing!  Thank you to my readers!

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