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Menu Plan Monday Week 3

Well, it finally happened.  We got some measurable snow at the end of last week.  Thankfully it was not much, but, let me tell you, it brought back some bad memories for me.  C & I had a car accident last February during a snowstorm and this is the first time this winter that we have had to deal with it.  C was fine.  I was a little nervous, but, thankfully again, we had no problems.  I even had to make  Wal-mart run over to the next city to grab a new hairdryer since mine decided to give up the ghost when I was getting ready for work Friday morning.  I have an old old spare that I keep for “emergencies” like this, but I knew that I wanted a new one before long so we made it a long lunch so I could pick one up.

I don’t know about you, but I never spend more than fifteen or twenty dollars on hair appliances.  I see this hairdryers and flat irons for a hundred or more and think, “Why?”  A hairdryer blows hot air and that’s pretty much it.  I guess I had better confess that I have fine, thin hair so I don’t need a lot of heat.  If I had a thick headful of curls, it would probably be different.  Wait, how in the world did I get off on this subject?  Oh, well, back on track.

No new recipes for me this week…just some good ol’ home cooked favorites!

Famous pork chops with oven roasted fries

Buttermilk pancakes with bacon

Country ham/biscuits with oven roasted fries



A1 Swiss Steak with roasted potatoes

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