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Join me and other book-loving bloggers over at A Few More Pages for today’s list of Book Beginnings.  I recently read the newest Jennifer Weiner book, “Then Came You” so the lines I am going to share with you today are from that:

“The man in the suit was watching me again.  It was March of my senior year in college, a clear, chilly afternoon, when I felt what was, by then, the familiar weight of a man’s gaze, while I sat by myself in the food court.  I looked up from my dinner, and there he was, at the end of the line for the salad place, looking at me the way he had for the past three weeks.”

Screams “stalker”, doesn’t it?  Well, he really wasn’t a stalker and you learn more about it as the book goes on.  Did I enjoy this book?  Yes.  Could it have been better?  Yes to that, too.  This was a pretty easy read and I enjoyed it, but it almost wrapped up too neatly for me.  When it looked like the world was going crazy for all of the characters, everything just smoothed out in the end and everyone found their peace.  That’s wonderful, but terribly unrealistic.

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