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Menu Plan Monday Week 4

Boy, where does the time go?  It just seems like a few hours ago I was writing about last week’s menu plan and now it is time for another one.  One thing is certainly true…the weekends are never ever long enough!  I was able to work on my furniture re-do project a little and the two pieces are now ready for priming next weekend.  Yay!! 

I definitely have to hit the grocery store this week though.  I have time to do it this week and since it is this close to February, I am counting this as my big grocery shopping trip for February.  I had noticed that in the last few months of 2011, our grocery bill was way too high, so I started investigating why.  The holidays were one reason.  I was cooking a LOT of goodies for special occasions, but I also notice another trend.  I was overbuying quite a bit, too.  That revelation led me to the decision that instead of doing a weekly menu plan on my calendar, I would do a monthly one as well so it would be easier to do my grocery shopping.  I still have to stop once a week or so for milk and fresh fruits and veggies but I am trying to only buy staples once a month.  It worked in January.  Our grocery bill was down by about one hundred dollars from November and December and I hope this trend continues.

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole

Sausage Bake with fruit

Country ham & biscuits with oven baked fries (This didn’t get made last week.)

Grocery night

Pizza night

Shredded Pork BBQ with oven baked fries

Italian Cream Cake (my dad’s birthday cake)

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