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Please join me and many other menu-planners over at I’m An Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  You will always find great ideas for new dishes in the lists provided. 

We are finally seeing some warmer weather and a little sunshine around here, thankfully.  I spent several hours Saturday cleaning an area in our garage and ended up with 8 garbage bags of stuff to dispose of.  Whew!  I am a little ashamed to admit that some of the boxes had been there since we moved seven years ago (YIKES!), but that was the last area that I really needed to clean out.  Now I can go back and re-organize the other areas and have a pretty nice garage finally. 

This week’s menu is a little short since we have a couple of nights out planned.  I’ll will have lots of photos about our adventure very soon.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Bubble up pizza

Cheesy steak sandwiches with oven fries (2 nights)

Pizza night

Sloppy Joes with curly fries

Cookie dough fudge (time permitting-new)

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