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Welcome to today’s edition of Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  Many thanks to her for hosting this great link party!  My book today is by one of my all-time favorite authors, Adrianna Trigianni.  I have read all of her books thanks to my local library and would love to re-read them which is a rarity for me. 

Her latest book is called “The Shoemaker’s Wife” and here is the beginning:

"The scalloped hem of Caterina Lazzari’s blue velvet coat grazed the fresh-fallen snow, leaving a pale pink path on the bricks as she walked across the empty piazza.  The only sound was the soft, rhythmic sweep of her footsteps, like hands dusting flour across an old wooden cutting board."

Ms. Trigianni is one of the best authors that I have read at setting a scene.  Can’t you just see this woman sweeping across an empty town square in a beautiful blue coat with the snowflakes falling around her.  I know I can.  This book was an epic tale and adventure with travel, war, love and loss.  I loved it!

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