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Happy Monday and Martin Luther King, Jr day to everyone!  I need to apologize for the lack of activity around here, but my “day job” went a little nuts last week.  Shew, we had two different court sessions going on three days last week and, on top of that, we were working an hour or two over every day.  That makes for one tired food blogger so something had to take a back seat.  Unfortunately, that “something” was this little space on the internet.  Hopefully, we are back to normal this week!  Yay!! 

My father-in-law’s birthday was last week, but because of the crazy work schedule, I am making him a special birthday dinner this week.  That just makes the celebration last a little longer, right?  Anywho, along with that meal, most of this week is pretty simple with a couple of new easy recipes thrown in for good measure.  Have a great week, everyone!!

Famous pork chops, butter roasted potatoes, scalloped pineapple, crescent rolls and orange juice cake(new) (Birthday dinner!)

Taco ring with salad (2 nights)

Sliders with oven fries

Slow cooker vegetable soup (new)

Hot cheese dip with chips & veggies

Basic meatloaf with oven fries

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