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I have gotten a little behind on my H5FF posts so I am going to play catch-up today.  Here goes!

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1. C & I went to see Jeff Dunham perform at the Kentucky State Fair and had a blast.  Great show and we had some pretty fun people sitting around us.


2. We finally finished decorating the mantle after starting months ago.  I really like the way it turned out.


3.  Happy fall, y’all!  I finished my little autumn display last weekend and put my fall wreath on the front door.


4. My in-laws gave me an Olloclip for my birthday and I have so much fun with this little gadget.  It is a small lens that clips to your iPhone that includes a macro, fish-eye, and wide angle in one little package. 


5.  If you a book lover like I am, but cheap like I am, you probably love your local library.  I know I do, but sometimes there is a book that I want to read that they don’t have in physical form.  Recently, C & I discovered Kentucky Libraries Unbound which has ebooks available for library card holders.  This is so awesome!!  We love it!

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1. I tried something for the very first time last week.  I took entries to the Kentucky State Fair for the culinary and photography competitions: an Italian cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pecan fudge & a nature photo. The results should be published in the next day or two and I can’t wait to see if I place in any of the contests.


2. You really need to read this post over at Southern Plate.  Christy has some awesome recipes on her site, but she has started a journal/devotion page that is just as good.  This really touched me so go read it as soon as you are done here.  You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

3. For my 40th birthday last month, my sweet co-workers gave me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure and I finally took the time to use it this week.  Aaahhh, bliss!


4. One of my fellow Southern Food Bloggers has a new book!  Kendra Bailey Morris wrote the awesome “The Southern Slow Cooker Cookbook” and I received a complimentary copy in the mail this week to review.  The photography is gorgeous and the recipes look divine.  I can’t wait to try a few! Click here to purchase one for yourself. Here is the link to Ms. Morris’ blog, Fatback & Foie Gras and here is the link to her Facebook page and the FB page for her book.

5. Finally, C & I have a weakness for office supplies.  I know, it’s weird but we both love new notebooks and pens and, well, you get the idea.  Staples is having an awesome sale this week so we are hoping to get there today or tomorrow and stock up.  It’s the small things in life that makes us happy.

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1. I had the honor of guest posting over at HerKentucky this week and made this delicious Strawberry Yogurt Cake with Lemon Glaze.  I HIGHLY recommend this sweet treat!


2. The 2nd generation of cucumbers are just starting to having baby cukes on them and the 3rd generation has sprouted.  Hopefully there is enough time and warm weather left for the new ones to prosper.



3. I got a late birthday present from C this week and I can’t wait to try it out.  My old blender was having trouble with my smoothie making so I wanted one that had more power but didn’t want to drop $400 for a Blendtec or Vitamix.  I about hit the floor when I saw the prices of those. RIDICULOUS!  This Kitchenaid beauty will be perfect!


4. Is this actually August in Kentucky?  The weather has been cool and damp so it really doesn’t feel normal, but the clear evenings have been gorgeous.  Get outside and enjoy!


5. Last but definitely not least, I had lunch with a wonderful friend of mine that I hadn’t got to talk to in about a year and we had such a great time.  I am not sure if we came up for air during my entire lunch hour.  We had so much to catch up on.

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1. This one doesn’t have a photo but it is the most important thing this week.  My MIL had successful triple bypass surgery on Monday and is now home and recovering.  We are so blessed and thankful that her problem was caught when it was so no further damage was done. God was watching over her!

2. I froze 6 dozen ears of sweet corn on Wednesday night and now my little freezer is just about full of all kinds of goodies.  I didn’t grow this, but someone local did and it is just so good.


3. On a much lighter note, when I finally made it to the grocery on Wednesday afternoon, I took a little side trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply where I purchased these two little goodies:


Now I just need a little time to do a pedicure.

4. I have been letting my hair grow for a while and it is finally long enough to pull back so I also purchased this cute hair clip at Sally’s.


5.  Last, but I guess not least…I turn FORTY today!!  Yikes! How did that happen?  I can’t be over 30 yet? Right…right!?!?!?!?  Oh, well.  I am grateful for my first 40 years and hopefully will get to celebrate another 40.

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Here are 5 fun things that happened this week:

1. Last Saturday, C & I spent the day in Louisville, KY and ate some awesome doughnuts from Nord’s Baker.


2. Went to the Derby City Comicon.

IMG_0745 (2)

3. Visited Yew Dell Gardens.


4. We celebrated Independence Day a day early at a cookout hosted by C’s cousins and got to play with two sweet babies…


5.  And enjoy a backyard bonfire and fireworks show:


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1. C, my dad, his friend E, and I attended a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game last Saturday night and had a wonderful time.  It was the perfect summer night to be outside enjoying the game and people watching. Plus, the Hot Rods won 9-1!


2.  There was a great little fireworks show after the game as well. 


3. I have a new favorite song, “Next To Me” by Emile Sande and I feel like it describes C & I to a “T”.  He is always right by me when I need him.  He is the greatest!

"Next To Me" video on Youtube

4. I have a special praise report.  Dad went back to the orthopedic specialist for a checkup from his car wreck and everything looked great!  He doesn’t have to go back until December and if all goes well, that will be the last appointment.  Praise God!!

5. Our garden is starting to produce like gangbusters.  Homegrown lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini are gracing our table these days.

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What is this “High Five for Friday”, you ask?  It is another great link party that I want to try to participate in at least every other Friday if not every week.  Lauren who authors the blog, Lauren Elizabeth, hosts this neat event to showcase 5 of the favorite things that happened this week.  I think we all sometimes need reminding to enjoy the small things in life and to look on the bright side.  Hopefully this will help me do that and if you read this little speck on the interwebs, maybe it will help you, too.

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1.  Finally got to watch Oz The Great & Powerful Wednesday night and loved it!  I am a big Wizard of Oz fan so I try to catch any movie in the genre.  The actors were great and the scenery/effects were awesome!  Image courtesy of Google.


2. I took advantage of an interlibrary e-book loan to read “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry and it is really good!


3. Finally found a drugstore brand mousse with some hold.  Thanks, Tresemme!


4. C & I saw this cute car on the way to lunch, but sadly it was stranded on the side of the road.


5.  Finally, we are going to a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game this weekend.  Go, Hot Rods! I may or may not wear this stylish bucket hat to the game.  Probably not!


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